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Specializing in Life, Health & Long Term Care!

Providing 35 Years of Invaluable Experience and Advise

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Group Health Insurance, Dental & Employee Benefit Packages

Health Insurance

Individual and Group

There are an increasing number of alternatives available when purchasing health insurance. Individual policies are guarantee issue. No medical questions will be asked to qualify for coverage.

A federal subsidy or premium tax credit may be available for those who qualify.

If you do not qualify for a federal subsidy you still have the option to purchase health insurance on the marketplace.

I provide invaluable expertise and can help you in both circumstances.

Group Health Insurance, Dental & Employee Benefit Packages

Life & Long Term Disability

Life Insurance

The future is unpredictable. Life insurance is an important component to financial planning needs. My goal is to work with you and devise a long term plan that fits in your budget and planning needs.

Long Term Disability

You have worked hard achieving your goals. Have you incurred student loans, are you a new parent or sole provider for your family? Protecting your assets and future family needs is important in your long term planning. If you are unable to work due to sickness or injury for an extended period of time, what would you do? Long Term disability is the only answer.

Long Term Care, Annuities & Medicare Supplements

You have worked hard your entire life and built up a nest egg; protect it by considering long term care insurance. Consider purchasing annuities for safe long term strategic growth.

Turning 65? Let me help you with your Medicare supplement and Drug plan.

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Lori Carmel started her career in the insurance industry in September 1980. She worked at the career house, Phoenix Mutual for two years. Lori partnered with her Dad, Larry Schneider in 1982. They started Schneider and Carmel Insurance Agency, a full service agency. Lori’s specialty has been financial services related. Larry retired in 1988 and Lori continued with her agency, specializing in Life, Health and Disability products. She attributes her success to providing excellent customer service and being a good listener. Lori is proud of the fact that many of her clients who she met 30 years are still with her.